Lizzo Shuts Down Payola Allegations: "The People Are Making These Calls, Not The Label"

On Wednesday afternoon, Lizzo responded to some tweets that claimed she has used the age old art of payola to get her 2-3-year-old songs to perform well on the charts in 2019. The Twitter user retweeted a post announcing that Lizzo’s 2017 single, “Water Me,” has reached the #15 spot on US iTunes, saying “Mfs not even hiding the payola and bots anymore🤣😂😂😂.” This tweet stems from the belief held by some that the reason Lizzo’s 2017 song “Truth Hurts” and her 2016 song “Good as Hell” suddenly performed extremely well on the charts this year is due to her record label paying for her songs to become “sleeper hits.”

Lizzo quote tweeted the user’s claims by responding with, “Actually Walmart just used my song ‘Water Me’ in their Black Friday commercial and because of Shazam and the #dealdropdance its becoming popular… but go off 🤠.” In a separate tweet, the singer continued the dialogue surrounding the issue, tweeting: “Y’all think it was the plan for all my old ass songs to be #1? I have a whole album the world hasn’t even heard yet. We can’t plan how it happens when it’s your moment it’s your moment.. I always believed in me I just needed the world to feel me. Now they do. I’m grateful.” She also quote tweeted a user who said they hoped that her single from this year, “Juice,” would get discovered by the public soon, with Lizzo saying, “Period. The PEOPLE are making these calls… not the label.” Lizzo not only denies the payola claims, but insists that her newfound fans finally discovering her older music is the reason why so many of her past singles have blown up this year, rather than her label doing anything extra.

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