LILI N is high on a “Spiritual Level”

By teckzilla Word Is Bond

Italian songstress LILI N‘s newest single Spiritual Level” is a love-lorn record that sees the songstress spin a tale of asymmetrical love as she fights neglect and finds independence at the end.

Lili immediately draws listeners into her world and takes them on a ride through her own self-discovery in a relationship where she gives 100% and he only gives 10%. It reminds listeners to value their own voices and not to give in to those that don’t reciprocate the love they give. Matched with airy synths and trap-inspired drums, “Spiritual Level” is a subtle, but alluring, R&B tune that’s perfect for finding solace in past relationships while dancing in your bedroom at 1am.

“Spiritual Level” is the first glimpse of what listeners can expect from LILI N’s upcoming album in 2018. It’s complex yet cohesive, showing off Lili’s pointed songwriting skills and ear for production that takes listeners through a congruent narrative. Like “Spiritual Level,” Lili’s album is an R&B infused pop record that connects strength and confidence with the tones of sad girl music.


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