Lil Tjay Drops Off Six-Track EP "F.N"

As fans await Lil Tjay’s debut album, the 18-year-old rapper has shared his EP F.N. The self-proclaimed Prince of New York has delivered a six-track project where Jay Critch shows up as the only feature. Tjay’s career may still be in the budding stages, as he’s only stepped onto the rap scene in 2017, however, he’s amassed over one million followers on Instagram alone. He began on Soundcloud like many others of his generation, but within a year he inked a deal with Columbia Records and now boasts millions of streams.

The platinum-selling artist sat down with us for our On The Come Up series and he shared what it was like for him when he first began making music. It was something he kept to himself and although he wasn’t sure how it would all play out in the future, he made sure that he worked hard. “It was serious from the start,” he said, adding “I went to the studio the first day. I think the next time I was back in there was the next day.” The studio was in a house and he didn’t even know how to record, but he said he learned the ins and outs along the way and it’s brought him thus far. Check out F.N and watch Lil Tjay chat with us for On The Come Up below.


1. F.N
2. Laneswitch
3. Brothers
4. Ruthless ft. Jay Critch
5. Leaked
6. Goat

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