Lil Pwn Hits Hollywood to Help the Homeless

Taking up the “Feed the Homeless” challenge, Seattle hip-hop artist Lil Pwn put together classic American lunch bags with homemade ham and cheese sandwiches, juice boxes, fruit and twinkies. After they got all the food together, they hit skid row.

Since moving to his new home of Hollywood, California and seeing how bad the homeless problem was in downtown LA, Lil Pwn was compelled to help.

Lil Pwn is no stranger to poverty. Growing up in the neighborhood of Port Orchard in Seattle, an area with a dramatically high crime rate for the region and very low incomes, he can relate to the struggles of folks too poor to put food on the table.

Taking a few hours out of their day and a couple of dollars was all it took to make a difference in these peoples’ day. Showing support and kindness to the poor and disadvantaged is something we can all learn from, and it isn’t hard for everyday people to take up the Feed the Homeless challenge. All it takes is a couple of hours, and as Pwn showed in the video – only $42.00 to feed over a dozen people.

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