Lil Keed, Lil Duke & Gunna Have A Hit On Their Hands With "Anybody"

Lil Keed has come a long way since he debuted last year. The 21-year-old is poised to have a prosperous career and with Young Thug as his mentor, he’s starting to take advantage of the opportunities that have been thrown his way. His new album Long Live Mexico is officially out and on it, there are a number of stand-outs. Navigating through the project, you will notice how Keed crafted a very enjoyable body of work, limiting the amount of skippable filler. The Atlanta rapper is trying hard to make himself memorable and with LLM, it worked. One of the better songs from the album is “Anybody” with Lil Duke and Gunna.

The song features two of his YSL brothers, with whom he regularly collaborates with. When we spoke to Keed earlier this week, he gave us an eye into the label’s process, noting that everybody wants the family to succeed. “We all help each other. We all tell each other what we’re lacking on or if we’re tripping. The YSL family, we’re not scared to tell each other what we’re doing wrong. We don’t hold our tongue,” said the rising rapper.

With a soothing guitar loop and prominent trap percussion, Lil Keed is aiming for the stars with “Anybody” and he might very well burst through.

Quotable Lyrics:

Cartier frames with the woodgrain, yeah
Light this shit up like it’s propane, yeah
Diamonds shining bright, yeah, the red mink clear
This a supercharged Range Rover, yeah, I switched the gears
Yeah, they know a n***a livin’ better
Yeah, this a Maybach, drive it like a shuttle, yeah
F&N tearin’ through your shelter, yeah
Boy, you die ’bout these three letters, yeah