Lil Baby Refuses To Compare His Success Timeline To Jay Z

Often, “Old Heads” in hip hop are criticized for not giving new generations of artists the benefit of the doubt. As generations grow and evolve, there will always be some hint of division, but elders have complained that some youngsters aren’t giving them the respect they deserve. This isn’t an absolute, because Lil Baby made it clear that he may have achieved more than others at his age, but it doesn’t mean their successes should be compared.

Lil Baby, Ebro, Rap Life, Jay Z
Cindy Ord / Staff / Getty Images

During a recent chat with Ebro Darden for Rap Life, the radio and podcast host mentioned Jay Z in the conversation. Ebro noted that Lil Baby is 25-years-old with all of his success, adding that Jay hadn’t even released his classic debut album Reasonable Doubt at his age (Hov was 26 when he shared that album). “I can’t compare myself to nobody in that gap ’cause it is a lotta more sh*t nowadays,” Baby said. “I got a whole Instagram with 10 million followers. No way Jay Z and them had [that]. It’s so many different ways where I won’t even let that get ‘caught in my head.”

“I’m smart enough to know it wasn’t the same avenues, either,” he added. “So I won’t even put that type of sh*t in my head.” Lil Baby also talked about wanting to have $100 million in the bank within five years, remaining focused so he doesn’t go down the wrong path in his career, creating his hit album My Turn, and being included on the Queen & Slim soundtrack. Check out the interview below.

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