Lil Baby Hopes To "Catch The Sun" On "Queen & Slim Soundtrack" Single

Lauryn Hill’s Queen & Slim Soundtrack single “Guarding the Gates” was but only one gem from the feature film’s musical collection. Lil Baby has also added his vocals to the soundtrack on a single titled “Catch the Sun.” The Atlanta rapper’s solo single was produced by recognized artist Hit-Boy and is a glimpse into the film’s unfolding storyline.

Queen & Slim is set to hit theaters on November 27 and follows the tale of a couple, Daniel Kaluuya and Jodie Turner-Smith, who are stuck on an uneventful first date. Kaluuya’s character ends up shooting and killing a bigoted, violent police officer, so the couple decides to go on the run. The encounter with the cop is played in the media, and the pair is dubbed to be cop-killing fugitives. However, the story follows their encounters with random people who help, and teach, them throughout their journey of freedom and love.  

Quotable Lyrics

If it ain’t color, what’s the difference between you and I?
I’ll let you decide or come up with some repeated lies
I’m just tired of my kind gotta be the one to die
Lookin’ in the sky, I know you with me, I can’t cry

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