Lil Baby Accused Of Attacking Woman & Stealing Her Camera: Report

Fresh off his powerful performance at the Grammy Awards, Lil Baby is facing another round of accusations as a woman alleges that the rapper and his entourage attacked her outside of a nightclub during Super Bowl Weekend, stealing her camera. 

Prince Williams/Getty Images

The attack allegedly happened back in February while Lil Baby was in Miami, Florida for the Super Bowl. According to an alleged source that witnessed what went down, Baby and his team were attempting to get into a nightclub during the Big Game Weekend when somewhat of a panic ensued. The rapper and his entourage reportedly hid behind a black car with a woman. Moments after, an altercation was reportedly captured on video, which allegedly contains audio of Baby asking about the stolen camera. The alleged victim also details what happened to her, claiming that her camera was taken before she was “stomped out” and had her hair pulled.

The woman who alleges that Lil Baby and his team attacked her didn’t explain why it took over a month to tell her side of the story.

This is a developing story and we’ll keep you posted as more updates come out.

This week, the rapper met Jay-Z at the Grammy Awards and spoke about what that meant to him in a recent tweet. He also launched a new lemonade line with RapSnacks. Read more about that here.

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