Lil B Rattles His Dreads In The Brand New "Rhode Island" Music Video

Let the record show, Lil B came away from a Providence, Rhode Island gig in 2012, a completely different person. Surely, knowing is not your due, those of you who subscribe to Lil B’s doctrine of positivity- for every moment is ephemeral in the Based World, every sequence more vivid than the last.

7 years after blessing the stage in Providence, and at least 1 year removed from announcing his adaptation of Victo Hugo’s The Hunchback Of Notre Dame Based God– the heir apparent is here to honor the past, present, and uncertain future with his “Rhode Island” music video. As always, Lil B does more with less, his music videos are generally ritualistic, and aesthetically, very-very minimal in nature. “Rhode Island” is no different.

As for his imminent for The Hunchback Of Based God, Lil B doesn’t say much in that regard- except to flash the mixtape’s banner at the onset of the music video. If you’re from Rhode Island this is your moment under the sun; don’t waste your quarters on a tired old jukebox.

Quotable Lyrics:

I know the Based God, yeah
Catch me out in Rhode Island (swag)
I’ma fuck yo’ b-tch till she cryin’
All my young n—-s wildin’
Albany, bitch, we gettin’ violent.

– Lil B ‘The Based God’

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