LHRHND features Nenashi on “the other side of the moon”

By Tayo Odutola Word Is Bond

LHRHND is a duo made up of UK rapper/singer Phoenix Troy and Japanese producer ggoyle and on their new release “the other side of the moon” they team up with the singer Nenashi. Bolstered by a soulful and moody backdrop courtesy of ggoyle, Troy shares his thoughts on the pandemic and its effects on the human mind. Nenashi comes through at the end with a short verse ripe with offbeat but alluring melodic runs.


Stream/Download “the other side of the moon” here. ​

The two artists originally met via SoundCloud sharing each other’s music and introducing each other to new music. During 2020 and the global pandemic the inability to live a free life enabled the duo time to work on songs together. This started off as one song, then two, and then ten. They both realized they worked well together and wanted to share this creativity with the world… LHRHND was born. Each song / project is a showcase of the duos song writing and production talents collaborating with different artists of different genres.

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