Leaked iPhone 8 image reportedly shows new features to Apple’s latest design

Apple is just a month or two away from unveiling its 10th anniversary iPhone, but it’s having a tough time keeping things under wraps.

Business Insider discovered a diagram posted on Chinese social media hub Weibo that reportedly gives us new details about the flagship device. The person who leaked the image claims to be an employee of Foxconnthe company that builds the iPhone. The photo allegedly shows the internal design of the hotly anticipatediPhone 8.


As you can see, a good portion of the internals are taken up by a large black oval, which appears to be a wireless charging module. Rumors suggest Apple will finally release a device with wireless charging compatibility, a feature first released to mainstream audiences in 2012 with the Nokia Lumia 820. Though it isn’t a perfect solution, wireless charging will let iPhone users charge their device while listening to music through the lightning connector, making the absence of a headphone jack a bit more bearable.

There is also an L-shaped region where the iPhone 8’s battery could go. This could potentially allow for a larger battery and longer runtime.

As Business Insider points out, the product codename on the diagram appears to be “Ferrari,” the same name used in leaks from December. Additionally, the two features, both new to the iPhone, were reported earlier this year by reliable sources.

Even though the leak appears to check out, it’s still important to remain skeptical. We won’t know if these features—or even those from the Apple leak—are legit until Tim Cook takes the stage in September or October.

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