Las Vegas Shooter’s Estranged Father Was On The FBI’s Most Wanted List Here’s What Police Know About Stephen Paddock

Stephen Paddock‘s family is “dumbfounded” that the 64-year-old is suspected of

That apparently turned out to be the case with Stephen, as police responding to the scene on Sunday breached the suspect’s hotel room and found that the shooter had killed himself, with a mix of 20 rifles and handguns in his hotel room. Police also found additional weapons and ammunition at the suspect’s home.

Officials believe the shooter brought the weapons into the hotel room on his own and used “a device similar to a hammer” to smash the hotel room windows between him and the music festival.

Police have also been looking to interrogate the suspect’s girlfriend Marilou Danley, who appears to have lived with Paddock about 80 miles northeast of Vegas. However, authorities do not believe the 62-year-old was involved in the shooting, as she was out of the country at the time.

More information on Paddock reveals he was a gambler who had worked as an accountant or auditor for a company that later became Lockheed Martin, one of the world’s largest defense contractors. Paddock was also a licensed hunter and private pilot.

Sounds like this guy fits the bill. The only question is: why the fuck?

[Image via ABC News/Facebook.]

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