La Brea – “Getting Money” (Single Review)

This is a long-awaited review as I have heard this artist buzzing in the underground for quite some time now. The Lakewood Cali Artist La Brea is getting a lot of well-deserved attention after dropping her new record “Getting Money“. Right from the jump, La Brea was able to showcase her songwriting versatility with carefree confidence bringing this song to life. La Brea transcends that same persona in the music video you can tell she means that sh**, In so many ways this was like a statement she told all you artist to sit down and let the work show and proof.

it’s always necessary for people to change their surroundings and focus on what’s important and this is the anthem for those moments I see this being used in film and tv placements and a bright future for La Brea. The slingshot was a great touch on the video like getting away from problems, conceptual looking from a bigger picture. It’s about that time the world becomes introduced into a new breed of female emcees, Stop sleeping on this kid she really the last of a dying breed reminds me of Dej Loaf and Nicki Manj with a unique sonic touch.

The young artist work ethic is paying off gaining the attention of Legends & Influencers alike, its said she’s working on some material with Dj Battlecat & deputing her 1st EP ready to solidify her place in the game. Everybody who knows anything about music knows Battlecat is the reason behind some of the most classic west coast anthems so speaking for the street we can’t wait to see what happens. 

Hip-Hop is going through a transitional phase regarding the female emcee as of old our culture we would only celebrate one artist a time whether it was Lil Kim,Remy or Nicki Minaj now those barriers are starting to disintegrate with the coming of the digital age where an artist is able to dictate their own careers. We have seen it time & time over again were artist and influencers break through the chaos of the internet and create a name for themselves. La Brea is on that verge with her music and clothing line TFL (Team Full of Legends). Stay up to date with new music from La Brea on her social media  & website.

Rating: 8/10


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