Kylie Jenner Thinks Stormi Gets Her Attitude From Travis Scott

Not long ago, it was believed that Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner’s relationship was on the outs. The rapper was accused of infidelity and there were reports that the couple was struggling to keep things together at home, but no matter what the truth may have been, Travis and Kylie are as thick as thieves. 

The famous couple often share cute family images of their toddler, Stormi Webster, and Kylie’s Wednesday Instagram upload was no different—that is, aside from the fact that instead of an adorable little smile from Stormi, the public was greeted with a pint-sized attitude. In the photo, Stormi is seen with her other young relatives and friends as they take in the sights at an Aquarium. While the other little humans seem to be enjoying themselves, Stormi is show off to the side with her back against the wall with one foot propped up as her arms are folded.

Kylie captions the photo by writing directly to Travis. Sure, she could have just texted him the photo, but why would anyone expect that from a Kardashian-Jenner? She wrote, “This girl… look at your daughter @travisscott 😫😫😫😫😍😍😭😭 she’s too cool for me now. Is this the Aquarius in her or the little rager? Or both mmm i need answers lol.” Just wait until she’s two.

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