Kyle Kuzma Hilariously Roasts Miles Bridges Over NBA 2K20 Photo

Kyle Kuzma has been known to have some fun at the expense of some of his peers throughout the NBA so it’s no surprise that he would be throwing some shots around on Twitter from time to time. His most recent shot was thrown at Charlotte Hornets player Miles Bridges who posted his NBA 2K20 rating on social media. Bridges was rated a modest 76 but seemed to be proud of it regardless. At the end of the day, he’s in the NBA so who really cares what a video game has to say about him. In the post, he also explained how he wants to raise his rating to over 80 throughout the season.

Kuzma caught win of the tweet and instead of encouraging him or giving just a tiny bit of support, the young Lakers star said “You look like you about to fart.” This comment was, of course, based off of Bridges character model in the game which appeared to be grimacing a bit.

Bridges was quick to respond and overall, it was a pretty funny exchange. It’s clear these two are friends and don’t really mean anything behind all of it. Many of these guys play as themselves in the game so they can be quite competitive about their ratings. 

For all of the Bridges fans out there was his rating too low or too high. Sound off in the comments.

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