KOTA The Friend Drops His Latest Weekly Single "California"

Fans of Brooklyn-bred rapper on the rise KOTA The Friend have been getting blessed with a weekly dose of quality singles, including “VOLVO” to start the month off with, “Monday” as a good start to the following week and “Her” for all the Valentine’s Day lovers to enjoy last week. His latest loosie now comes in the form of yet another quality track titled “California.” 

There are two interesting points of irony worth noting here: KOTA hails from New York, making the West Coast tribute track seem a bit peculiar, and given the song’s title it’s a bit funny that he only mentions the word California once (“Hidin’ out in Northern California gettin’ lit”) throughout the duration of this three-minute song. Instead, he’s more concerned with spitting bars about binge-watching Steve Carrell’s hit comedy series The Office with his girl or, you know, being bougie on his mineral water steez. Even though the “California love” gets slightly lost in translation throughout the lyrics, that doesn’t take away from the fact that his penchant for slick wordplay and melodic beats are unrivaled for a rapper of his age and level in the game.

Listen to “California” by KOTA The Friend below and on all streaming platforms:

Quotable Lyrics:

Lately all I wanna do is water my flowers
Lay up with my woman, watch The Office for hours
Only f**king with it if it’s good for my soul
Do not bring no drama if you calling my phone
Living room with a view, brunch, lunch, dinner too
If my shorty leave me I’ma turn her to an interlude
Bougie n***a only drinking water with the minerals
Wifey looking good, might just have another kid or two



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