Kosha Dillz & Portugal The Man – Feel it Dillz (Kosha Dillz Remix)

By teckzilla Word Is Bond

In celebration of “who knows how the hell this happened?” check out Kosha dillz’s remix of Portugal the Man’s big hit Feel it Still, entitled Feel it Dillz. The Theme of the song is quite interesting as Dillz states in the intro. “The song is about The girl you’re going for she’s with someone else and you gotta play it smooth and still pull it off ..tight.” Of course, that person is really important and you don’t wanna be the douche in the situation.
He rhymes the rockstar scenario that is happening in all sizes of crowds, but specifically for those smaller shows he is used to playing.  “Maybe that dude is a friend, a friend that wishes he was more, damnit he is the plug you know that is par for the course. you know how that go, just act natural, but she’s looking at me like an animal.“

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