Kontent shows us the “New Reality” [Video]

By Tayo Odutola Word Is Bond

Emerging rapper/producer who goes by the moniker Kontent shares his new single “New Reality” and its accompanying visual. The LA-based artist digs deep into the state of affairs of the world post covid pandemic compared to the good old days and the unpredictable effects it had on humans in general. Over a bright piano-laden backdrop, he delivers an engaging performance ripe with insightful and relatable lyrics sharing his own experiences. After his last single “J.R.” in 2020, “New Reality” marks Kontent’s first single of 2021.

For the visuals, he links up with director Hector Rodriguez to help bring his vision to the screen. The visual is cinematic, expressive, and strays from the norm with its retro-pop aesthetics and off-beat set pieces. The use of moody motifs and varied performance shots of Kontent sure gives the visual a different and unique feel.


Growing up in a German-speaking region of the Italian alps, Kontent’s unique sound could not have been more different from his surroundings. Heavy drums and cocky raps were created in the middle of picturesque mountain valleys. Knowing his music would not be received with open arms in his hometown, he constantly found himself on the lookout for his musical home. After having produced the hit song “Need You” by Maxiz in 2018 (which so far has accumulated over 3.5 million Spotify streams), Kontent got the opportunity to move to Berlin and work with established producers and artists of German music scene. After realizing that also the German music scene was not meant to be his final destination, the rapper made a bold move in 2020 by leaving everything behind and moving to Los Angeles, the birthplace of all the music he looked up to.


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