Kinnie Starr straight kick inspiring lyrics on hew newest record “Big World.”

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Genre-defying artist Kinnie Starr delivers an emotion stirring record titled “Big World”. Backed by a rollicking, rap/rock infused backdrop courtesy of Doug Romanow, Kinnie aims to inspire the listener with lines like “…1: Do it right when you go to get it done/ 2: Do it up again better than the last time/ 3. Never try to be anyone but you/ 4. Open up even closed doors…”  The record goes beyond the inspirational aspect as she further explains “There is always a choice – to uplift others or seek to undermine them. Being a jerk, being racist, or spewing repetitive hateful ideology is a choice. In terms of racist America in 2017 and the alt right under Trump’s vision, we must be vigilant to unstick from the chaos Trump seeks to stir.”


“Big World” is off her upcoming project “Feed The Fire”.  Which is Kinnie’s 8th full-length release since Tidy in 1997 (via Mercury/DefJam).  Her upcoming 2018 album, Feed the Fire, comes out of much reflection done in the aftermath of a taxi cab collision that resulted in a brain injury. Her road to recovery deepened her interest in the nature of communication in an era where immediacy is king and anxiety disorders rise alongside extroversion and “urgent” digital chatter. Feed the Fire will be a critical look at where we are at in our relationships to the screen, to our faiths, and to each other: our devices allow us to stay up all night viewing porn, fighting for likes or hype on social media, tailoring our public personas as a means of delivering toxicity…or warmth. Feed the Fire is about hope and despair in perilous times and reconnecting with our truest selves.

Born in Calgary of French, German, Irish and Mohawk bloodlines, the trilingual (English, French and Spanish) Starr has a BA in Race and Gender Studies from Queen’s University, Ontario. Raised in Calgary and university educated in Ontario, she now calls Sechelt, BC home; and shares her life with partner, Gwaai Edenshaw, a renowned carver and the son of Guujaaw.

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