Kiks Has “More Fire” to Warm the World

By msavino Word Is Bond

Australia-based artist Kiks, shares a pivotal message in his new release “More Fire.”  Through the sounds of guitar play and bass, his spoken-word fashion of storytelling will have listeners thinking twice about choosing to bring someone down or lift them up.

Although we live in a world absorbed in evil Kiks suggests we can maintain balance by surrounding ourselves with people we love and offering random acts of kindness. He continues with a tale about a shivering young girl with fresh tears.  Without saying a word, Kiks sits down beside her to spread his warmth. After some time when Kiks rises to leave, the young girl quickly pulls him down…Sometimes we just need a shoulder to lean on or a listening ear.

Kiks has ‘more fire’ to warm the world and invites masses to do the same. Stream “More Fire” and connect with Kiks on Instagram.


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