Kevin Hart Opens Up More Than Ever About His Cheating Accusations But Is It Enough To Clear His Name??

While the comedian has responded to the controversy a couple of times — once with a meme of him laughing, and another time where he told ET‘s Kevin Frazier the allegations are “absolutely not true” — he took to Instagram on Friday to (once again) clear his name.

Kind of.

The 38-year-old tells his followers that while the entertainment industry is tough, he has developed a thick skin to media criticism. He wrote:

“Gotta love the entertainment business….I love everything about it. As a successful entertainer you are forever in the spotlight. It’s a good thing and a bad thing….You can’t love the good and complain about the bad. It’s important to understand that it comes with the territory. The one thing that I was blessed with is a super strong mental. You can never allow others or others words or opinions to affect YOUR mental because your the only one that knows you. My advice to the world is to keep your circles small and your positivity high. People can’t penetrate what you don’t allow them into….Which is my house & my circle. Words to live by people. #LiveLoveLaugh”

Although this is the most he’s ever said about the infidelity rumors, it still isn’t quite enough. We need names and specifics, dude! Just say the words, “I did not cheat on my wife. This time.”

Well, we guess it’s better than nothing!

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