Kendrick Perkins Reacts To LeBron James Criticism, Compares It To Tom Brady

Over the past week, LeBron James has been receiving some pretty undeserved criticism over the fact that he celebrated at his son’s basketball tournament. Some people feel as though LeBron shouldn’t be celebrating so hard and that he’s taking the attention away from all of the kids that are actually playing out on the court. In the end, LeBron is just being a good dad that shows support and any possible moment he can. The criticism has been pretty over the top and the sports world has taken notice.

There is this feeling that LeBron gets scrutinized more than any other athlete and Kendrick Perkins was the latest person to call out this hypocrisy. Perkins, who used to play with James, even compared the situation to that of another famous athlete.

“I wonder if Tom Brady was to show up at his son football game and was throwing deep routes to the wide receivers during pregame would people have anything to say?!” Perkins wrote.

It’s a pretty interesting comparison, especially when you think about how Brady came under fire for jumping off of a cliff with his daughter a couple of weeks ago. There are certainly two different narratives floating around when it comes to those two situations so it’s important to compare them and criticize the media whenever possible.

At the end of the day, just let LeBron parent how he wants to.

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