Kendall Jenner Is Reportedly ‘Devastated’ Over The Controversy Surrounding Her Pepsi Ad!

If we were Kendall Jenner we’d be freaking out too!

As you surely know, the supermodel made headlines when the ad she starred in for Pepsi was accused of mocking the Black Lives Matter movement. While the beverage company initially stood by the ad, they’ve since pulled the project altogether.

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This news has reportedly left Kenny J “devastated” as it is the first controversial campaign of her career. A source dished to Entertainment Tonight:

“This is the first controversial campaign she has been involved with. Even though she had nothing to do with the production and the message of the campaign, she will be blamed for this since she is the face.”

Although the commercial was only meant to air overseas, it gained traction as it made the rounds online with Jenner even sharing it on Twitter. Nonetheless, the insider claims this scandal won’t ruin Kris Jenner‘s daughter’s career as they added:

“This is not a career breaker for her.”

However, as the KUWTK starlet was paid MILLIONS to do the ad, she is contractually obligated to stay silent on the controversy unless Pepsi gives her permission to speak out. The tipster continued:

“The original intent of the commercial was to mirror all the global protests trying to make this world a more equal place for everyone. But they shouldn’t have had a celebrity face tied to it if they wanted to try and send a strong message like this.”

It’s said the 21-year-old didn’t have approval rights in her contract — which explains why Pepsi has apologized to the reality TV star for dragging her into this controversy (which, reminder, she still chose to participate in). The Konfidant concluded:

“Kendall relied on Pepsi to do their due diligence and trusted that it would tasteful.”

Meanwhile, another source echoed Kendall’s intentions to People:

“Kendall would have been absolutely mortified. Anything offensive is just not her. She means well, always.”

Hmmm, does anyone else think these sources sound like Momager Jenner?? LOLz!

Good luck bouncing back, girl!

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