Kel Mitchell Praises Kenan Thompson's "SNL" Moment With Comedy Icons

Over the weekend, Eddie Murphy’s return to Saturday Night Live after a decades-long absence finally aired. The comedian not only graced the SNL stage and revived some of his most beloved characters from the series, but he called on a few friends to help him out, as well. Following the episode, a photo began to circulate showing Eddie on stage with Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, and Tracy Morgan as the public celebrated the icons of comedy onstage together. However, Kenan Thompson also shared that moment with them but wasn’t included in many photos. 

Ethan Miller / Staff / Getty Images

Some people don’t view Kenan to be in the same “icon” comedic caliber as Dave, Eddie, Tracy, or Chris, but the 41-year-old actor has a solid, successful 25-year career under his belt. On Saturday Night Live, he’s currently their oldest cast member, their longest-running black cast member, and the cast member who has had the longest career with the show in the series’ 45-year history. Whether he can be called an icon is arguable, but his All That and Good Burger partner Kel Mitchell believes the title is deserving.

Kel took to his Instagram to share the SNL photo of his good friend while singing Kenan’s praises. “Bro!! This is amazing @kenanthompson to know how much we respect these Comedians and watched them growing up,” Kel wrote. “It was such a blessing seeing you share the stage with them last night on @nbcsnl ! So proud of you fam! And #EddieMurphy you are awesome a Legend thank you for doing this for your fans! Amazing job last night! 🙏🏾💯 #blessings.”

Over on his Instagram page, Kenan finally shared a few thoughts about appearing alongside his comedic icons. “I’m late because I still can’t believe it happened!!,” he wrote on Monday afternoon. “Eddie came and crushed!! Can’t thank the Kings enough for blessing us and embracing me and my castmates!!! Love all of you!! And our crew is flat out incredible!! Salute each and every department!! I could go on and on about what that show meant to me and everyone I know!!! Epic!! @chethinks that monologue was 🔥! You’re brilliant bro!! @chrisreddis and @eggyboom I love you both dearly!!! Thank you both for being your awesome selves!! Thank you @btuckertime and @samjaycomic and @chethinks for that Velvet Jones Black Jeopardy!! 🤯 Let’s go 2020!!” Check out all the Saturday Night Live love below.

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