Kanye West's "Jesus Is King" Tour Breeds Concern Over Mental Health: Report

It was three years ago when disappointed fans of Kanye West learned that the rapper would be canceling his Saint Pablo Tour. It was November of 2016 when Kanye didn’t show up to a string of dates and for those he did attend, there were controversial rants he made on stage that circulated throughout the media. Following the official announcement that the tour was finished, the rapper was taken to UCLA’s Neuropsychiatric Hospital Center for a psychiatric evaluation where he was reportedly diagnosed with psychosis brought on by exhaustion and sleep deprivation. It was reported that Ye suffered from a mental breakdown.

Robin Marchant/Getty Images

The following year, The Hollywood Reporter shared an extensive report that a $10 million lawsuit filed by Kanye against his insurers. According to the outlet, Kanye made a claim with his insurer, Lloyd’s of London, but they wouldn’t pay up. While he rapper provided the company with all the necessary medical paperwork from his physicians that cited he was suffering from a medical condition that kept him from continuing on the Saint Pablo Tour, Lloyd’s of London didn’t think that was enough to prove he wasn’t fit. They reportedly claimed that Kanye used alcohol and marijuana, which nullified their contract. The rapper’s team denied the accusations, but the insurance company and the mega-producer were able to “amicably resolved” their court battle.

Now that Kanye has announced he’s planning a Jesus Is King Sunday Service-style tour, some people have speculated about his whether or not the rapper will be able to withstand the road. TMZ is one of the media outlets that has weighed in on Kanye’s mental health, especially because they exclusively chatted with the rapper about being bipolar and off of his medication.

The publication has recently shared that, according to their insurance company and Kanye sources, concert tours aren’t subject to coverage if an artist undergoes a mental breakdown. TMZ also claims that there may be a specific underwriting on the insurance policy for Kanye that whether or not he is currently taking his medications, he will not be covered. The rapper has expressed that he’s the happiest and most at peace that he’s been in a long time, so fans don’t seem to be bothered with concerns of prior issues Kanye has had on the road. Meanwhile, Jesus Is King is a hit for the rapper, both with his album and the documentary, so although it may not be the Kanye West that fans have known throughout his career, the artist is still making waves in the industry.

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