Juicy J Invites Artists & Musicians To Join His Production Team

Many artists continuously struggle with gaining a foothold in the industry, seeking that one big break that sets them apart. For some, the opportunity may very well be upon them, courtesy of Memphis legend Juicy J and his expanding production team. Today, the Three 6 Mafia rapper took to Twitter to share an announcement slash invitation to any producer, songwriter, or musician willing to join the JUICYJPRODUCTIONS family. 

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

“Any producers song writters guitar & bass players , keyboard players , horn players any body with musical talent,” he writes, via Twitter. “if you wanna join JUICYJPRODUCTIONS, get at me I have 5 studios booked 50 beats a week serous people only lets gooo!!!” From the sound of it, Juicy J is focused on amassing a sizeable repertoire of music, perhaps signaling the arrival of an imminent project. It’s not entirely dissimilar from what J. Cole did with Revenge Of The Dreamers 3, albeit in a more behind-the-scenes scale. 

Already, the Tweet has whipped up a frenzy of responses, many of which came from musicians looking to hold Juicy to his word. It’s unclear whether J has begun the assembly process, but whenever he’s ready, he’s got no shortage of candidates. Should you be interested in linking up to make music with the Three 6 Mafia rapper, be sure to hit him up before the roster is set. 

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