Juelz Santana's Wife Agrees To Leave Home After Due To $40K Back Rent: Report

Juelz Santana’s dealt with a few blows when it comes to real estate and property, especially this year. The home where his family lives in has been facing some serious threats over the past year from the bank but it looks like they will now be vacating the premises. According to Bossip, Juelz Santana’s wife Kimbella has agreed to move her and her kids out of the home in an agreement with the bank.

Juelz Santana and his family have been living in a $1M home that they’ve been renting. Unfortunately, it seems like months went by without the rent being paid, court documents state. The bank sued the couple, accusing them of essentially squatting even after its foreclosure. They paid $6,645.91 on the home which eventually accumulated to $40K. They ended up coming to an agreement later on that seemingly benefitted both parties. Santana would pay the $40K owed and upcoming payments of $5K would be used towards purchasing the home. 

The deal eventually broke down with the trial supposed to begin this month. However, on the day of the hearing, both parties showed up to court to reveal that they had reached a settlement. Kimbella and the family have agreed to leave the property and pay the $40K in back rent.

This news comes a month after Juelz lost a $650K condo to foreclosure. 


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