Juelz Santana Denied Travel Request, Feds Say He Failed Drug Test: Report

He served 19 months of his 27-month sentence and recently celebrated getting his ankle monitor taken off, but Juelz Santana just can’t shake the authorities. The Dipset icon has been juggling his legal issues as he continues to handle business and take care of home, and it looks like a trip to South Florida has been axed by federal authorities after they claim he hasn’t been abiding by the rules of his supervised release.

According to legal documents reportedly obtained by TMZ, Santana requested permission to travel to Florida “for work,” but it’s unclear if he was making an appearance or jumping in the studio. In the end, it didn’t matter much to a judge who denied his request because authorities alleged that Santana has been enjoying his freedom a bit too much.

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Fernando Leon / Stringer / Getty Images

Santana needs permission to leave the state of New Jersey and his plans had a few holes. To begin, authorities stated that the rapper was planning on traveling with two convicted felons which automatically isn’t allowed. Court documents also reportedly stated that the U.S. Attorney claims Santana recently took a urine drug test and “tested positive for opiates and methadone.”

Jef Henninger, the rapper’s attorney, reportedly told TMZ that Santana would surround himself with “the right people” while traveling. Henninger didn’t confirm if Santana has been under the influence since released from prison and claimed that “the drug test was a false positive. It’s unclear how long before Santana could be approved for travel in the future.


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