Jonah Hill Explains The Leo DiCaprio That Left Him ‘Scared S**tless’

He speaks! 

Jonah Hill dished on the hilarious Leonardo DiCaprio prank that quickly went viral a few days ago when paparazzi captured the moment. A video (which can be seen here) showed DiCaprio running up to Hill with his phone out, pretending to be a crazed fan. A visibly shocked Hill looked scared, before realizing that it was just his former co-star and friend playing a very meta prank on him. 

“It was just funny! I was totally taken off guard,” Hill told Entertainment Tonight on Wednesday at a “War Dogs” movie screening. “I was scared shitless. It was the best, man.”

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The 32-year-old actor recently shared another funny encounter with a celebrity on Tuesday, telling late-night host Jimmy Fallon that he once emailed Drake his food diary. The “Wolf of Wall Street” actor said he was keeping a log of everything he ate and would send it to his doctor each day — except the one time he sent it to the rapper.

“One night I was just like, at home and I was bored and I was like, ‘Oh, I didn’t email this guy,” Hill said. “So I wrote down like yogurt, salad, chicken, whatever. And I sent it to him and I was looking like an hour later through my sent messages and he didn’t email back … It must’ve been ‘Dr,’ because it was Doctor, and I had sent it to Drake.” 

Hill joked that Drake emailed back “zero to 100 calories,” before confessing that the rapper never responded. 

“Another guy I’ve gotta duck for the rest of my life,” the actor joked. “A long laundry list of people I can never speak to again.” 

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