Jon Jacob – “Unconventional Methods” (Album Review)

Ready to take on the world, Massachusetts producer/recording artist Jon Jacob makes his debut as a triple-threat on the EP, titled, Unconventional Methods. With so many new sensations coming out of Mass right now, will Jon Jacob follow in the same footsteps?

On Unconventional Methods Jacob displays a well-balanced project dabbling in rapping, producing, and engineering on the debut EP. At 22-minutes self-produced 9-track EP features production with a trap feel accompanied by a golden era cadence and flow.

Stream “Unconventional Methods” by Jon Jacob below, courtesy of Spotify.

The production on Unconventional Methods is deemed worthy with its trendy sound; however, easily identified as carbon copies of mainstream tunes with the use of artificial preservatives. Totally understandable for a standard recording artist at Jon’s current status. Artificial but dope production nonetheless. The only drawback is the similarity with mainstream, losing out on its authenticity as the producers copy sounds on the hookup.

Jon Jacob’s bars is definitely a reflection of his influence on Unconventional Methods. Throughout the experience, we discover that Jon Jacob has tailored a catchy custom lingo that convinces newfound fans that he is bandwagon worthy. Jacobs excites with off the dome creativity, radio-friendly suggestions, and unorthodox play on words. Practical, lucrative, and appealing, Jacob sound could be controversial but lyrics amusing.

Overall not an unusual sound, Unconventional Methods is a convincing discovery. Journey through the project you will endure peaks and valleys but reach a sense of enlightenment at the destination. Definitely did his homework and paid attention in the school of Hip-Hop, Jon Jacob is trendy, clever, and genuinely impressive on the new project. Simply a prelude to many big things to come in the future for the rising star, Unconventional Methods is outstanding by conventional means.



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