John Krasinski’s career crush is Alec Baldwin

(CNN)John Krasinski is “gunning” for Alec Baldwin’s career. No, seriously.

Krasinski is set to play Jack Ryan in an upcoming series for Amazon. Of the actors who’ve played the CIA character before, Krasinski called Baldwin’s portrayal his favorite.
“For me, particularly, there’s something always about your first,” he told CNN in an interview Thursday. “I think Alec Baldwin, when he did it in ‘The Hunt for Red October,’ for me, I just connected with that character. That was the first experience I had with it.”


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Baldwin, Ben Affleck, Chris Pine and Harrison Ford have all played Tom Clancy’s popular fictional hero on screen. Krasinski acknowledged those are big names to follow.
“It’s been played by some pretty unbelievable people,” he said. “Those are pretty heavy hitting guys.”
Krasinski, who co-starred with Baldwin in the 2009 comedy “It’s Complicated,” said he’s particularly fond of Baldwin’s body of work.
“I’m gunning for Alec Baldwin’s career … so Alec, I’m coming for you!”
Before that happens, Krasinski has a film to promote. The actor stars in “The Hollars,” which hits theaters next week.

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