Joe Budden Declares Fizz's Birthday "Omarion Day" After 'Millennium' Tour Announcement

After it was revealed Apryl Jones, Omarion’s baby mama, was dating his former B2K bandmate Fizz, people were waiting with bated breath for Omarion’s reaction. When he finally broke his silence, he took a page out of Drake’s book and coolly claimed that he didn’t “feel no ways”, but advised the new couple to “change the narrative” so his name would stop being associated with their relationship. Praise erupted on Twitter for Omarion’s mature demeanor, but he decided to take a break from the ‘nice guy’ approach and indulge in some pettiness yesterday. 

On November 26, which happens to be Fizz’s birthday, Omarion announced the “Millennium Tour 2020.” The tour is bringing back popular R&B and hip hop acts from the early 2000’s, such as Soulja Boy, Lloyd, Ying Yang TwinsSammie and Pretty Ricky. While it would have made sense for B2K to feature in the lineup alongside, Omarion will be performing alongside Bow Wow instead, reviving the duo that made the iconic 2007 album, Face Off.

Obviously, people interpreted Omarion choosing this day to reveal this news as a means of sabotaging Fizz’s birthday by taunting him with the bag he’ll be missing out on. Obviously, Joe Budden put in his two cents by officially declaring yesterday to have been “Omarion Day”, robbing Fizz of his right to celebrate himself. Despite the podcaster’s proclamation, Apryl Jonez still shared birthday wishes for her boo on Instagram

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