Jimmy Butler Reveals Who The Most "Unstoppable" NBA Player Is

Jimmy Butler is one of the most entertaining players in the NBA and after a few seasons in the league, he knows better than anyone else who some of the most unstoppable players in the game are. Butler was recently interviewed by The Players’ Tribune where he spoke about who he thinks the most unstoppable player is and his answer shouldn’t be all that surprising, especially if you’re a fan of those who rack up points.

As Butler so eloquently explains, James harden of the Houston Rockets is the man who just cannot be stopped right now. Due to his insane averages and ability to shoot from anywhere, Butler believes you would be hardpressed to find anyone similar or better.

Takashi Aoyama/Getty Images

Per Butler:

“The guy is averaging 39-and-a-half points. In the streets, that’s 40. That’s James Harden. I mean, he’s a lefty. You want a mid-range pull-up, you want a floater, you want a layup, you want a dunk, you want a free throw.

He’s legendary for his step-back. You can say that it’s a travel, you can say it’s not a travel. Ref doesn’t call it, so I’m all for it. Find a way to stop it, travel or not.”

Harden has consistently been one of the most prolific scorers in the league and continues to impress fans with his stats. If he keeps this up, he will have a serious case in calling himself the greatest scorer ever. With that being said, you can see where Butler is coming from.

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