Jim Carrey Is Beefing With Mussolini's Granddaughter

Jim Carrey’s bizarre worldview is ultimately informed by long stretches of cabin fever. In that regard, Saturday afternoon was like any other for Jim Carrey, especially as it pertained to his social media musings. At 1 pm, Jim Carrey Time, something compels him to post a caricature of Mussolini. Bear in mind, Benito Mussolini is essentially Italy’s least beloved dictator, a historically relevant authoritarian, yes – but not somebody that is spoken about all too often in contemporary culture.

The image he posted places Mussolini and his mistress Clara Petacci at the scene of their final execution in 1945. If I understand Jim Carrey correctly, he’s attempting a historical line of succession for Fascism, which incidentally pairs up nicely with his anti-Right wing politics, the likes of which manifest into daily outbursts of no consequence to anyone but himself. Except, in this case, the Mussolini Tweet would finally present him with the opportunity he always relished: a Nazi-hunting expedition or the next best thing.

Yada yada yada… Carrey’s Tweet reaches Mussolini’s granddaughter of all people. The actor probably thought he was attacking such a reviled character would be a safe bet, and to be honest, that makes sense. So basically, Alessandra Mussolini responds by calling Carrey a bastard, but then it gets kind of weird.

Nationalism gets implicated in the discussion and all of Mussolini’s granddaughter, herself a politician (weird) is picking apart the problematic history of White America, including a post where she uses “Rosa Parks” as an argumentative point. Just another Saturday afternoon, nothing to report here.

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