Jiles Hits The Ground Running With His "Fuck Jiles" EP

Brockton-bred Jiles has officially arrived, unleashing his debut full-length Fuck Jiles EP onto the masses.

The new entry is an eleven-track offering that finds the young emcee conquering the role of street narrator, relaying the real-life accounts that only he knows best and arriving at a few features from voices that include Lord Felix and Starsky Go Dumb.

The end result is a carefully-woven tale that introduces listeners to an unrepentant new voice: “Everybody wants to talk about, you know, the bragging shit, the finesse, the clothes, all that shit, but ain’t nobody talking about that real-life shit,” he says in an album preview on social media. “I feel like it’s up to me to be that one person to really speak on that. I know more poor people than rich people. My city’s not the richest city, so I feel like a lot more people could resonate with what I’ve got to say.”

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