Jidenna's "Sou Sou" Is Undoubtedly Inspired By His Move Back To Africa

After experiencing radio silence from “Classic Man” Jidenna for years, he’s returned to the spotlight with the announcement of his forthcoming project, 85 to Africa. Two weeks ago, the multi-hyphenated artist dropped off two new singles, “Tribe” and “Sufi Woman,” and this week he’s back with two more. We previously reported on his Busta Rhymes-sampled single “Zodi,” and now we’re taking a look at the other: his smooth, rhythmic jam “Sou Sou.”

85 to Africa is inspired by Jidenna’s real-life altering experience where he was living in an Atlanta mansion and paying his rent to the homeowners for years, but one day he opened the door to the sheriff’s telling him he needed to exit the property immediately. The homeowners hadn’t been paying the mortgage and Jidenna was being evicted. Faced with his new reality, he decided to pack up his belonging and move to Africa. The project is unquestionably inspired by the artist’s return to his Motherland, something that has translated quite beautifully within the tracks we’ve heard thus far. Check out “Sou Sou” and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics

Chakra feel like new new
Shaka like I’m Zulu

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