Jerry Ferrara’s rules of the road: Don’t text and don’t toot your horn

(CNN)Jerry Ferrara spent countless hours behind the wheel cruising around Los Angeles as Turtle in “Entourage,” so he’s got some good insight when it comes to driving.

Ferrara, who is currently in New York filming the hit Starz drama, “Power,” told CNN that driving culture differs greatly in the two cities.


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“L.A., for me, the rules of the road are you’ve got to have a lot of music because you’re going to be in traffic,” Ferrara said. “New York, it’s just like, get ready for battle! You cannot be afraid … be very defensive. I’m a very defensive driver when I’m in New York.”
Ferrara is putting his road skills to use as a spokesperson for a new roadside assistance app.
Check out Ferrara’s top five road rules:
Texting while driving
“Do not text,” he said. “Texting and driving, whether you do it or not, just don’t. It’s never worth it. So that’s a rule for every city.”
Tooting your horn
“I’m not a honker. My brother, he’s the guy when the light has barely turned green, he wants you to go,” he said. “I only honk if I literally have to warn someone.”
Don’t be an anxious passenger
“My fiance does this all the time, she’s a little antsy and if she sees something she’ll gasp and [it] scares me and makes me jump and slam the breaks!”
Music is key
“If you’re a passenger and have deejaying responsibilities, you need to be on point. No lulls in the music. Keep it going.”
Keep your feet to yourself
“This drives me nuts. If you’re in the front seat and [the passenger] puts their foot up on the dash, why? You’ve got a footprint there! I don’t like it. Keep your feet on the ground.”

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