Jay-Z Gets Touchy With Aaliyah In Newly-Surfaced Photos From 2000 Party

Dame Dash tends to say stuff that grabs people’s attention and often it’s so wild that you’re not sure whether to believe it. Some were probably questioning whether he was being truthful when he claimed the other week that his former Roc-a-Fella Records partner, Jay-Z, once had a thing for Aaliyah. In an interview with Page Six, Dame said, “I did not know Jay was trying to holler at her, but then it just happened like that… he was going hard.” He claimed that “everybody was trying” to get with the late singer, but Dame was the one who ended up dating her. 

The Daily Mail must have been intrigued by this story because they managed to retrieve photos that may confirm that Jay was smitten for the “Princess of R&B”. A set of photos from a party in 2000 show Jay, who was 30 and single at the time, with his hand around Aaliyah’s waist, who was 21 and not single. “Jay-Z had just had a big hit with Big Pimpin’ and he decided to have this party with Damon and the rest of his crew for the Fourth of July. Diddy was there too,” said the eyewitness who shared the pics. The source also said that Dame had been dating Aaliyah during that period, which made it confusing that Jay was getting touchy with her. “Now that Damon has said what he said it all makes sense. Jay-Z was all over Aaliyah. They were hugging each other and you could totally see there was a chemistry between them. I knew that Damon was going out with her so I did think it was a little weird.” 

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