Janelle Mone Declares Herself ‘Sexually Liberated’ In New Profile: ‘You Don’t Own Or Control Me’

We are in complete awe of

While the 32-year-old spoke mostly about her music, the publication couldn’t help but inquire about her sexuality, and whether or not she is dating Make Me Feel music video costar Tessa Thompson.

As we reported, after the steamy clip was released, fans on Twitter were totally shipping the sexy lady duo!

While the self-proclaimed “sexually liberated” actress doesn’t directly comment on the rumors, she wants her new song to make you feel “more free” and “celebrated.”

She exclaims:

“It’s a celebratory song… I hope that comes across. That people feel more free, no matter where they are in their lives, that they feel celebrated. Because I’m about women’s empowerment. I’m about agency. I’m about being in control of your narrative and your body. That was personal for me to even talk about: to let people know you don’t own or control me and you will not use my image to defame or denounce other women.”

Although Monáe is known for wearing suits and tuxedos on stage and off, she isn’t trying to make a statement that women should be covered up.

“I see how people try to pit women against each other… There are people who have used my image to slut-shame other women: ‘Janelle, we really appreciate that you don’t show your body.’ That’s something I’m not cool with. I have worn a tuxedo, but I have never covered up for respectability politics or to shame other women… I’m guilty feeling like I can’t just be… Like either it’s this or it’s that, it’s black or it’s white. But there’s so much grey. And I think I’m kind of discovering the grey and realising it’s OK not to have all the answers, or to supply them.”‘

Janelle is truly the definition of girl power! Read the rest of her profile HERE!

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