James Franco Accuser Forced To Go To FBI Over SERIOUSLY Scary Death Threat!

If you’re wondering why women have such a heard time speaking out about sexual misconduct, take a good look at what’s happening to Violet Paley.

Five women came forward accusing

But that visibility has cost her, as she tells DailyMail.com. After a particularly scary death threat, she’s had to contact the FBI!

For over a week she’s been sharing some of the most disturbing messages for all to see (below):


Violet, who told the Times Franco forced her to give him oral sex, told DM she braced herself for the backlash before the article, she thought:

“The thing about women speaking out for their personal gain or career is absurd. I was scared to stand up to myself to him for that reason, and I knew once I came forward, this stress would be my life for the next few months.”

That “stress” started out how Violet thought:

“I received most of the insults I expected to get on Instagram, that I’m too ugly for him, that I look like a slut, you wish he would touch you.’ After I made my page private it’s been easy to ignore.

Twitter is an actual nightmare. I think Twitter has become 4Chan. It’s non stop so I’m just not looking at it for a while.”

Here’s a real message Violet saw online:

But Twitter isn’t the worst part.

“Before Buzzfeed turned off the comments on their Instagram post about it, I got hundreds of messages and this is when the death threats started getting serious… People were planning in the comment sections how they’re going to find me and kill me. One guy sent me my address. They said that I was gonna go missing and you’d see on the news to some of my friends.”

He actually had her address?? So scary!!!

Thankfully she has a support system that realized how serious this was right away:

“My friends and family wanted me to contact the FBI. I didn’t think it was too serious until the address thing so I agreed. I’m out of the country so my dad contacted them and is working with them.”

We hope they catch this asshole.

People think they can make death threats online with impunity because it’s the Internet. That needs to change. Women need to feel safe speaking out.

[Image via NBC/Twitter.]

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