James Blake's "Can't Believe The Way We Flow" Video Shows The Minutiae Of Love

Today, James Blake shared the third music video for his 2019 LP, Assume Form. The video, directed and edited by Frank Lebon, rapidly shuffles between shots of various couples, showing all the little moments that make up their relationships. The video’s forward momentum is fueled by Blake’s brilliant sampling of The Manhattan’s “Feels So Good To Be Loved So Bad.” There are many instances that display the care that holds the video’s couples together – such as the long smooching montage during the first chorus – and other scenes just show the trivial flow of everyday life. Also dispersed throughout the video are little clips of Blake doing nothing that interesting at all. Although he is solitary in the video, Assume Form and this song in particular are oozing with love for his partner, actress Jameela Jamil, whom he’s been dating for three years.

But the whole video is simply a big love affair. There are some truly bizarre shots that flash in there too. See if you can catch them below. 

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