Jake Paul Shows Off Gory Broken Nose He Suffered During Training

Jake Paul might be one of the most hated men on the internet but that hasn’t stopped him from achieving as much as he can in a short amount of time. The multi-million dollar YouTuber has been entering the boxing world over the past couple of years and so far, he has seen immense success. Paul has won all three of his matches, including his most recent outing which was against the likes of Nate Robinson. Paul delivered a vicious knockout punch to Robinson’s head and the internet hasn’t stopped talking about it, ever since. 

While Paul’s battle on Saturday looked easy, it’s clear that the lead-up to the fight was actually filled with adversity. Taking to his IG yesterday, Paul revealed that he broke his nose during training, and it forced him to take a break from the ring. Despite this time off, he was still ready as ever on Saturday and ultimately took home the W.

Since the fight, Paul has stated that he wants to battle it out against the likes of Conor McGregor although that probably isn’t going to happen anytime soon. Paul’s brother Logan says he wants to fight Floyd Mayweather which is also a pretty big stretch.

Regardless, these brothers are relentless which is certainly something to admire even if you hate them as internet personalities.

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