Iowa Judge Denies Chris Soules’ Motion To Dismiss Felony Charge Against Him In Deadly 2017 Wreck

Looks like one way or another, Chris Soules is going to have to face down some tough time in court.

Nearly a year ago now, the former Bachelor star and Dancing With The Stars alum was involved in a car accident in rural Iowa which left 66-year-old tractor driver Kenneth Mosher dead at the scene.

Soules left the scene of the accident early, and was later arrested for doing so.

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After entering a not guilty plea back in May to the charges of leaving the scene of an accident — which is a felony — Soules’ legal team has been filing motions to delay and dismiss various charges and other court hearings around the case.

Well, just a couple weeks ago, Soules again filed a motion to dismiss the felony charge against him, and now, we can report that his motion has been denied.

The Iowa Supreme Court denied Soules’ appeal to remove the felony charge on Friday afternoon, according to multiple media reports.

Soules’ attorneys had stated in court documents that Soules did lots at the scene before he fled (below):

“Because Mr. Soules indisputably stopped his vehicle, returned to the injured driver, contacted law enforcement, provided aid to the injured driver, arranged for medical treatment for the injured driver, remained until emergency personnel responded to the injured party, and provided identification data, the State’s charge must be dismissed.”

And yet there’s apparently enough evidence here that the Iowa Supreme Court determined charges should NOT be dropped.


We’ll see what happens next for Soules, but there’s a good chance now that he’ll have to face the music in court about this very serious felony charge.


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