In ‘Rogue One,’ a master class on diversity for Donald Trump

(CNN)Fifty years after “Star Trek” launched a multiracial and multicultural crew into outer space, the “Star Wars” franchise has finally joined the diversity universe. “Rogue One,” the latest film set in a galaxy far, far away, boasts a wildly varied cast of human actors — Asian, Hispanic, African-American, Pakistani.



    How Alan Tudyk prepared to play K-2SO



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I’m not saying any of this was intentional. Given Hollywood production schedules, “Rogue One” was probably in pre-production for a year before it finally went into production in August of last year. That was two months after Donald Trump announced he was running for President, which, at the time, many people took as some sort of cosmic joke.
So it’s highly unlikely the filmmakers were thinking of Trump when they made “Rogue One.” But its appearance in theaters just one month before Trump assumes the presidency is the height of irony — an inclusive piece of work that is a slap in the face to the least inclusive president in modern history.
Or you can look at it this way: if Donald Trump has embraced the Dark Side, “Rogue One” is definitely on the side of The Force.

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