Iggy Azalea Reveals She Sought Treatment For Mental Health Issues

It all started at the end of 2017 when her team staged an intervention regarding the musician’s “anger issues,” especially when it came to her feuds with the media or other artists.

The Aussie recalled:

“They were like, ‘We think you’re really talented and you can go to the studio and make hits all day, but we don’t know if, you know, someone says something about you and you have a reaction it could ruin a branding deal. We need you to go and speak to these people and make sure that you’re mentally prepared to come out with new music.'”

Although she “didn’t like the idea of being sent away somewhere,” close friend Demi Lovato — who has publicly struggled with her own mental health issues — inspired her to go.

According to her rep, she underwent “intensive therapy” at a two-week “mental retreat” in Arizona.

While she was initially “pissed” about entering the program, Azalea is now glad she did.

“I’ve never really sat down and had an honest conversation with professional people… It was good to say something to somebody who could give me the tools and information on how to make my life manageable when I’m feeling those things. So it was really useful—I’m glad that I went.”

Although she “regrets” some of her past decisions, the recording artist is looking forward to her future.

“I don’t beat myself up about it at the same time, because it, everything, was like landing on Mars. I just think it’s a lot for anybody to digest.”

Iggy is a new woman.

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