How To Recover From A Festival When Taking A Sick Day Is Not An Option


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If youve scrolled through Instagram recently or walked through Penn Station wondering if theres an LF convention in town, youre well aware that festival season has begun. If you just got back from Gov Ball and youre wondering how to cope post-festival, weve got you covered. From the shitty alcohol you snuck in a Poland Spring bottle to the French fries stand you just had to stop by in between artists, you feel pretty shitty right now and were here to help. Heres how to undo the damage from a music festival:

1. Get A Good Night Of Sleep

This should be obvious, but in case you somehow feel the need to rally and go out the night after a music festival because you literally cant stop wont stop, were here to tell you that you should actually stop. At least for a couple days. By catching up on sleep and getting your body back on a normal sleep cycle, youll find that youll start feeling better without any crash diets or excessive amounts of coffee. Plus, its been proven that more sleep prevents you from craving fattening foods, so youre basically dieting just by cancelling plans and going to sleep a bit earlier. Youre welcome.

2. Eat Frequent Mini-Meals

If youre feeling bloated or nauseous from indulging in fast food or salty snacks after a festival, try eating small, frequent meals for a couple days afterwards. Instead of eating three meals a day, break up your meals into 5 or 6 different ones to keep your metabolism moving and help get your digestion back on track. Your metabolism speeds up when you consume mini-meals throughout the day, so youre helping your body recover naturally by keeping it as active as possible after youve been treating it like shit all weekend.

3. Go Do Cardio

No, really. Go. Not only does getting a good sweat feel amazing, but it actually helps you recover from all of the alcohol youve been consuming. When you do a spin class or go for a run after a weekend of drinking, not only is your body burning calories, but its also literally sweating out the alcohol thats still in your body. So, if you start smelling vodka mid-SoulCycle, just try your best not to vom before arms and know that youre doing something right.

4. Take Biotin

There are few occasions where betches depend on supplements, but if your nails, hair, and skin need some serious TLC after a festival, biotin is literally your new best friend. Biotin is a natural supplement that helps strengthen your nails, fix your damaged hair, and help hydrate your skin, so after youve been outdoors being bounced around on the shoulders of some ratchet denim vest, youll need some of this. Stock up and thank us later.

5. Eat Whole Foods

Theres no detox in the world like REAL food, so skip the diet teas and the artificial 100-calorie packs, and eat real, whole foods. Were referring to anything along the lines of vegetables, whole grains, fruits, nuts, and lean proteins. Try to limit processed foods like cereals, bars, and packaged snacks for a few days, and youll see a huge difference in your body, skin, and overall energy levels. People will start asking if you just got back from Gov Ball or from some spiritually cleansing exotic yoga retreat.

6. Aloe Vera & Cool Showers

One thing people tend to forget about music festivals is that theyre outdoors in the brutal summer heat, meaning you will get sunburned. You might have ordered your flower crown online a month ago, bought your homeless-looking denim shorts two months ago, and stocked up on chasers all week, but you obviously neglected to wear sunscreen, and youre currently dealing with the painful consequences. The best things you can do right now are just to take cool showers, smother your body in aloe vera, and keep telling everyone how good youll look when it fades into a tan.  

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