Homage – “Inscrutable Malice” (Album Review)

Following the popularity of his video, “Ice Nine”, Carson City, Nevada recording artist known as Homage capitalizes on his popularity with the release of his brand new EP, entitled, ‘Inscrutable Malice’. Produced entirely by Louie, Homage lives up to his Nevada roots and takes a gamble on his latest content by unleashing a rampage of furious lyricism and high-stakes material that could lead to a big payout.

‘Inscrutable Malice’ is 24-tracks filled with a rampage of furious lyricism, vintage Hip-Hop sound, and overall captivating appeal. The project’s climatic approach comes on the track, “War is Peace”. Homage insights on the current events and delivers a personal look that is both creative and intriguing. The album’s brightest cuts include “Pen Game”, “Loving and Losing”, “This Life”, and “El Juego”. Homage delivers a strong constant work ethic lyrically throughout the 24 tracks.

Listen to ‘Inscrutable Malice’ below.

Lyrically, Homage exhibits superior prowess throughout the entire project. Sticks to a highly-praised speedy verbal ability that was hugely successful in the 90s and still adored as a special trait in the any recording artist’s arsenal. Quick bars, tongue twists, and big payoff with creative flow, Homage had lady luck in his pocket during the recording process of this latest body of work. Homage shining moment on the project was his introspective outlook on the track, “War is Peace”.

Louie’s production on the project is some of the finest vintage golden age Hip-Hop. Scratch, hand claps, and bass, the project’s production tailors around Homage’s quick wit and creative metaphors. A student of the game, Homage is a valedictorian of the new era of rising backpack genre. Infusing the past, present, and future into a powerhouse of tracks that will carry Homage to the next platform of competitive Hip-Hop. While the production is refreshing, it is only that for the recording artist and leaves a void of self-identity drowned in fellowship.

‘Inscrutable Malice’ only drawback is the commitment to the old school feel that disrupts the discovery of Homage true identity. The album’s formula fails to indulge much depth on Homage as a new sound. The Nevada-native walks the fine line of sampling and imitating; however, Homage doesn’t go to the deep in with his style and while intriguing at great his wordplay is on the project, who is he under the old school references. The project shows practice makes perfect but fails to deliver an in-depth unique body of work that will separate Homage from the rest of the pack, instead, of just running with the pack.

Minus several pitfalls, lyrically, Homage latest project, ‘Inscrutable Malice’ is verbally impressive. Homage is an innovative sound coming out of Nevada and paying off handsomely with his latest album. Surprisingly, Homage exhibits a star-studded lyrical ability that pays off handsomely throughout the album and will leave newfound fans seeking more from the up-and-coming act.

Rating: 8/10

Highlights: Lyricism

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