Gunna's "Drip Or Drown 2" Cover Art Gets The Meme-Over

Don’t get me wrong, the Twitterverse is excited to have a new Gunna project on the horizon, but the cover art it’s being packaged under, well that’s another story. If you haven’t seen the art direction for Drip or Drown 2, now’s your chance.

The image of Gunna submerged into the depths of the ocean is one that hearkens back to Nirvana’s Nevermind cover shot of a month-old baby swimming with the fishies. After years of speculation in regards to the baby’s identity, we finally learned that a “Spencer Elden” was actually chosen at random, and had no way of knowing he would grow up to be a pulp icon for aeons of time. Whether he’ll admit it freely or not, Gunna’s assumption of the Nevermind pose bears the same social responsibility, and thankfully more clothing.

Amidst all the chaos on social media, Gunna took a moment to clear things up: the Drip or Drown 2 cover wasn’t the result of a rushed photoshop session like many Tweeters have suggested. And yet, the general public remains unconvinced. Check out some of the better pot shots posted by the ever-incisive Twitter crowd. For those that are interested, Drip or Drown 2 drops on February 22nd – don’t get gassed.

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