Guess which popular singer just showed up in ‘Game of Thrones’

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the Game of Thrones season 7 premiere, Dragonstone.

Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss revealed at SXSW that Ed Sheeran would cameo at some point during the seventh season, and as the season premiere demonstrated, we didnt have to wait long to see him.

Its a fitting role for Sheeran. He may be donning Lannister red, but hes still every bit the musician. As Arya Stark rides by him, he and his fellow soldiers are singing a new song. While Benioff and Weiss tried to throw fans off the trail bysuggestingSheeran was messing around when talking about his role, it turns out Sheeran was right.

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Arya compliments Sheeran on his singing and joins the men for a meal after shes offered food by their fireside. Sheeran doesnt play much of a role after that and leaves the talking to the other men.

The scene allows Arya to learn whats happened to Kings Landing since she leftmainly that its been destroyed by wildfirewhile observing that many of the Lannister men aren’t as black and white as she perceived them to be. Luckily for Arya, when she reveals that she wants to kill Cersei Lannister, they laugh at her. If Arya succeeds, they might be singing a different tune.

Sheerans cameo is much bigger than many other musicians’ have been in recent years. Will Champion, the drummer for Coldplay, played a Frey bannerman at the Red Wedding. The members of Mastodon were wildlings at Hardhome. Of Monsters and Men showed up in Braavos. His cameo is more along the lines of Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol and Sigur Rs, which both featured singing.

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Whats interesting about Sheerans cameo is that while its a new song to Game of Thrones, fans of the books are already familiar. It appears in A Storm of Swords and is sung by Symon Silver Tongue, a singer originally hired to comfort Lollys Stokeworth (who appears briefly in season 5 in a different capacity). Symonattempts to blackmail Tyrion Lannister to get access to Joffrey and Margaerys wedding. The song, which Symon pledges to sing to Cersei and Tywin Lannister, is about Tyrion and Shae.

“He rode through the streets of the city,

down from his hill on high,

O’er the wynds and the steps and the cobbles,

he rode to a woman’s sigh.

For she was his secret treasure,

she was his shame and his bliss.

And a chain and a keep are nothing,

compared to a woman’s kiss

For hands of gold are always cold, but a woman’s hands are warm…”

Instead of paying him, Tyrion orders Symon killed. And although we dont have indication that Sheeran is playing Symon, he does sing Symon’ssong. Lets hope that Sheerans character meets a better fate than Symon Silver Tongue.

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