goose bolton shares ‘ Iguana’ instrumental medley

By Tayo Odutola Word Is Bond

Producer Goose Bolton has been hard at work and now he shares his new venture titled Iguana. The body of work is a 3 track medley made up of genre bending sounds.

The body of work starts with the title track, a funk laden and ethereal piece ripe with punchy grooves, layered sublime vocal harmonies. This is followed by “go 4 the head”, a bouncy bass-guitar bop that is also bolstered by heavenly horns and a catchy vocal sample. The project closes out with the choppy beat titled “temp-o-rare.” It has a relaxed and soothing vibe which slowly builds into a rousing anthemic beat towards the end.

The entire project is a solid pot-pourri of sounds and styles that showcases Bolton’s diverse taste and versatility.


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